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Danpla container, danpla plastic container, danpla plastic sheet, pp plastic container, pp plastic sheet, antistatic danpla container, danpla bulkhead … All these items from Danpla are extremely popular in the industry today, But what is danpla plastic? Let’s find out with Sam.org.vn:

  • PP Danpla has 2 types: normal and anti-static Danpla. Antistatic type is widely used in the field of electronics, electronic components and many other industries.
  • Danpla PP plastic has a high mechanical strength, has the same toughness and flexibility as PE and is not stretched, so it should be made into yarn.
  • PP colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, burning with a light blue flame, when burning has a smell similar to that of rubber.
  • Danpla resists temperatures higher than 100 degrees Celsius, has properties that protect against oxygen, steam, grease, and some other gases.
  • Transparent PP plastic, high surface gloss for ability to print clear, sharp.


Because of the above properties, danpla PP is the main material to make danpla plastic container, danpla plastic sheet ...

  • PP Danpla withstands temperatures higher than 100 ° C, is resistant to oxygen, steam, grease and some other gases
  • Transparent PP, high surface gloss and clear printing ability
Therefore, Danpla PP is used for making Danpla plastic containers, Danpla plastic sheets, ...

  • PP Danpla sheet is light but not waterproof and suitable for warehouse packaging, easy transportation, safer than carton. However, it has the disadvantage of being quickly broken and waterproof.
  • PP Danpla sheet is processed through halo technology, so it can print logo and other information clearly
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable so it can be used many times, for a long time
  • Safe to make containers for all kinds of goods,

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