Corrugated Plastic Sheets

SAM Corrugated Sheets also called SAM Corflute Sheet or SAM PP Hollow Sheet, it can be made into PP Corrugated turn over the box, SAM Storage Bin, SAM PP Trays, which Provides circulating, packaging and transporting service in electron, Metal mold, auto parts, instrument and meter packaging, bioengineering, food, and logistics.

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SAM Corflute Sheets SAM Corrugated Plastic Sheets SAM PP Hollow Sheet 

  • Features: shockproof, flame retardant, UV Resistance, no odor, no smell, moisture-proof, rot resistance, lightweight, colorful products.
  • Performance: With anti-folding, anti-aging, anti-stretching, compression, tearing, high and low-temperature resistance, large carrying capacity, and other advantages. According to user demand production thickness of 2-12 mm, width less than 1800 mm, arbitrary length of the ordinary hollow sheet, anti-static hollow sheet, conductive hollow sheet.
  • Usages: Products are widely used in electronics, precision hardware, auto parts, instrumentation, packaging, bioengineering, food, logistics, and other fields.
    Compared with cardboard products, the hollow board with the same characteristics of foldable, easy to make, it is moisture-proof, color diversity, many times turnover, wear resistance, environmental protection, and aesthetics can meet people’s needs.
    Compared to injection molding products, the hollow board does not require high-cost mold input and long production cycle, according to customer requirements of the size in a short time arbitrary customization, modification, and rapid production. Compared with the similar injection molding products, it is lightweight, in the transport process to save human, material, financial resources.
    The hollow board can be modified by the raw material, it is added anti-static, conductive anti-UV, flame retardant master material, so that it has static dissipation, static emission anti-static, conductive properties, flame retardant performance, anti-UV performance, can meet the ideal materials for special industries.


  1. Why choose us?
    We are PP hollow sheet manufacturer from 2010. Our company has ISO 9001 quality management certification, SGS certification, RoHS report.  We have a professional service team, our principle is “best quality, best price, best service”.
  2. How could I get a sample?
    The sample fee is free, but please provide your account No. of Express company, your company name, address, zip code, contact person, and Tel.
  3. Could we place an order by OEM style in your factory?
    Of course, you can. Welcome OEM or Custom Order.
  4. How do we arrange payment?
    T/T: 70% deposit and balance against copy bill of loading. L/C is also welcomed.
  5. How soon we can get the shipment?
    Normally we need 7-10 days to arrange production and book shipping in advance.
  6. What’s the application of your products?
    They are widely used in packaging, advertising, decoration, agriculture, automobile industry, electrical industry, handbag, plate industry, and so on.
  7. How do you control your quality?
    + Established a procedure to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process.
    + 100% inspection in assembly lines to ensure they consistently achieve the required quality levels.

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SAM corrugated plastic sheet

SAM Corrugated Plastic Sheet
Corrugated Plastic Sheets

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