Standard size of name card (card visit)

There are 2 standard sizes for visiting card designs
  • Size 55x90m. In the phototshop is 255×155 pixels. This type usually designs horizontal visiting cards.
  • Size 50x90m. In the phototshop is 255×140 pixels. This type usually designed stand visit card.

Image of visiting card size:

The business card comes in multiple colors or may have fewer colors. And covered with matte plastic on both sides. Card is boxed 
100 pcs / 1 box.
  • Free design, free editing until satisfied.
  • Sharp offset printing on industrial machines.
  • Cards are always rolled with translucent thermal plastic 2 sides.
  • Free delivery on site (in Hanoi city).
  • Payment on delivery (COD).
  • Price guaranteed to best suit each order quantity printed.
  • Time is only 1-3 days since the market approval.

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